Michael G. Semmens

Michael SemmensMichael G. Semmens is the President of Imprimis, Inc., an organization dedicated to supporting government and private businesses with cybersecurity compliance tools, cybersecurity technology, space based technology, advanced engineering, structured training, and advanced training techniques and tools. Mr. Semmens has developed a number of high quality technology organizations over the past 30 years.

Mr. Semmens is a graduate of Colorado State University, College of Engineering, where he performed a number of research grants and received national recognition for his publications. He is a registered Professional Engineer in five states, and a member of numerous professional management and engineering organizations. He was President of the Engineering Dean’s Council at Colorado State University and Chairman of the Engineering Advisory Board at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs where he received the Leadership in Education Award from the College of Engineering and Applied Science. He was elected ‘Engineer of the Year’ in the state of New Mexico. He is also a recipient of R&D Magazines R&D 100 Award. He served as the U.S. / IEEE representative to the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) for energy system standards.

Prior to his current role as President of Imprimis, Inc., his executive responsibilities included President of Electrosource, Inc., a publicly traded energy research and manufacturing company; Corporate Vice President of BDM International, Inc., a major information systems and technology corporation; President of BDM Technologies, Inc., and various board /chairman positions. Mr. Semmens is a former member of the WPO (World President’s Organization) and former member of the YPO (Young President’s Organization).

Mr. Semmens has been responsible for numerous projects including the design and construction of utility connected alternative power systems, designing and building advanced manufacturing systems. These advanced manufacturing systems were designed and built for Ford Motor, Chrysler, GM, Caterpillar Tractor, Morton Thiokol, Northrup Aerospace, TRW Automotive, and numerous semiconductor manufacturers. He has been responsible for data processing centers and major software development programs. He has also designed and built large scale CAD/CAM systems which utilized supercomputer technology for engineering design. His firm is currently developing an advanced intrusion detection system (IDS) which employs artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms to analyze the behavioral characteristics of threats in industrial control systems. At Imprimis, database tools are being developed to support the adoption of cybersecurity standards including the Risk Management Framework (RMF) developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST (SP) 800), and National Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC). These tools are designed to empower end user organizations to achieve higher levels of cybersecurity.

Mr. Semmens is the founder of the National Cyber Exchange (formerly the Western Cyber Exchange or WCX), a member non-profit organization. The mission of the NCX is to share cyber threat information and to support cyber-related workforce development at all levels. NCX has established a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) which allows NCX to be an Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (ISAO).