APTAC Certified Procurement Professional (CPP) Certification Requirements


C.1.1 Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) (APP/CPP: 4 ATCs required)
C.3 Representations and Certifications (APP/CPP: 1.5 ATCs required)
C.4 Past Performance Process and Reporting Procedures (CPP ONLY: 1.5 ATCs )
C.9 Bids and Solicitations (APP/CPP: 3 ATCs required)
C.12 Financial Controls /Accounting Systems Required for Gov’t Contracting (APP/CPP: 3 ATCs required)
C.13 Post Award Administration (APP: 1.5 ATCs required; CPP: 3 ATCs required)
C.14 Subcontracting- General Principles, Laws and Regulations, and Flow-down Clauses (CPP ONLY: 2 ATC)
C.17 Socio-Economic Programs (APP/CPP: 4 ATCs required)
C.18 Contract Types (APP/CPP: 1.5 ATCs required)
C.19 Contract Compliance Issues (APP: 1.5 ATCs required; CPP: 3 ATCs required)
C.20 Contract Vehicles (CPP ONLY: 2 ATC)
C.21 Marketing to Government Entities (APP/CPP: 4 ATCs required)
E.2 Government Contract Formats (APP/CPP: 1.5 ATC required)


Training in additional ten (10) “other than Core” BOK topics, totaling 26 ATC.